General Specifications

Regulation FCC Part 15.231 and Industry Canada approved
(no user license required)
Modulation FM-FSK
Frequency range 429.2500MHz~429.7375MHz
RF Channels 40channels
Communication mode Simplex
Error cheaking CRC technique
Security 16 bit ID code(65,536 unique code)
Operating range 100m
Response time 130ms average
Operating temperature -10~50℃
Shock 20G(JIS C0912-1984-T2)
Vibration 4.4G(JIS D1601-1995 3-B-45)

Transmitter Specifications

Supply voltage 4.8~6.0VDC(4AA alkaline batteries)
Transmission power <10797μV/m at3m
Battery life Continuous operation:25hrs(alkaline batteries)
Antenna Internal
Case Water resistance(JIS D0203-1976 R1) and dustproof, high-impact black resin
Outer dimensions 178(W)×105(D)×81(H)mm
Weight Approx. 640g(excluding batteries)

Receiver Specifications

Receiver sensitivity <-110dBm
Discrete channel outputs 12 electromechanical relays, plus one main-line relay, SPST normally open
Relay configuration Relays provide dry contacts
Relay ratings Resistive load:5A, 31VDC/120 VAC maximum(cosφ=1.0)
Inductive load:2.5A, 31VDC/120VAC maximum(cosφ=0.4)
Main-line relay ratings Resistive load:2.5A, 31VDC/120 VAC maximum(cosφ=1.0)
Inductive load:1A, 31VDC/120VAC maximum(cosφ=0.4)
Supply voltage 9~31VDC
Maximumu current consumption 1.2A(6 relays activated), 75mA(idle mode)
RF connector metric female
Antenna External 1/4λ flexible, 148.5mm, metric female
Antenna cable RG-58/U coaxial, 4m, metric male to metric female
Case Dustproof(JIS D0207-1976 F2), alminum
Outer dimensions 140(W)×220(D)×73(H)mm, excluding antenna
Weight Approx. 880g(excluding antenna)