1. Approved under FCC Part 15.247 rules -- no user license is required.
  2. This product works as a wireless data access point and easily enables EIA-232C terminals equipped with FDL-series wireless modems to link to Ethernet.
  3. A host computer recognizes each EIA-232C wireless terminal equipped with FDL-series as one of the IP addressed terminals like other terminals on the Ethernet. Since the host computer can communicate with every wireless terminal using standard TCP/IP protocol, it gives excellent advantages, including use of a lot of TCP/IP based software available in the market. Software property can be effectively used, and development of application for wireless communication is easily achived.
  4. A wireless terminal is recognized as if it is connected directly to the host computer by one-to-one. So there is no need to embed TCP/IP protocol to wireless terminals.  Wireless terminals can transparently communicate with a host computer on Ethernet using FDL series wireless modem.
  5. Up to 32 wireless terminals are accessible using IP sockets.
  6. Operating range is about 50 meters for indoor use, and about 250 meters for outdoor use. Adding FDL-series of wireless modems set as repeater mode can be expand operating area.
  7. It is possible to use multiple systems in the same area by assigning frequency channels from 76 frequency channels. And the frequency grouping scheme makes it possible to use FDL-08TB modems operate under coexistence with other 2.4 GHz wireless systems such as Bluetooth, IEEE802.11b/g and wireless LAN.
  8. Installing multiple FDL-08TB modems on the Ethernet can cover wide area of wireless communication. Even if a wireless terminal gets out from the communication coverage which alone access point can cover, the wireless terminal will establish communication by automatically selecting one of multiple access points connected to the Ethernet.  (Roaming function)

2.4GHz Wireless Ethernet Access Point, FDL-08TB