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Regarding Futaba’s basic policy to protect the private information, please refer to “Privacy Policy”.


Beware of fraudulent act in the cyber space pretending to be Futaba

Recently, Futaba has received reports that unauthorized third parties are performing the following fraudulent acts purporting to be by Futaba:

  1. Recruiting an account receivable agent at job offer sites in business-oriented social networking services. Several suspicious sites are identified, and some of them are listing our correct home page address “”, but listed e-mail address, phone number, etc are not related to us.
  2. Offering a delegation agreement for account receivable collection by sending e-mail. A free mail address which is not related to us is used.

We will never recruit account receivable agent through business-oriented social networking service or offer delegation agreement for account receivable collection by using free mail. Purposes of these actions are not clear, but please beware of these suspicious acts.