Corporate Philosophy

Corporate philosophy

We, Futaba Group, contribute to the prosperity of the global society by creating equipment, materials and services, which are indispensable to our customers.

Corporate vision

By further advancing Futaba technology, we aim to become a leading company worldwide.

Code of conduct

We will pursue the nature of things in a stubbornly honest manner, and practice the following to establish a corporate culture which allow us to make a free and imaginative way of thinking while sharing joy with all of our customers and employees:

  1. Challenge every business opportunity with speed and eagerness.
  2. Endeavor to enhance one’s capabilities in order to make one’s dream come true.
  3. Conduct one’s life with warm cordiality, and value people-to-people relationships.
  4. Conduct one’s life in a law-abiding manner and with ethical sense.
  5. Promote love for nature and protect the future of our planet through reducing environmental load.