Machinery and Tooling Division

Through a wide variety of components and machinery, Futaba enhances the tooling efficiency and overall productivity that is required by all fabrications.

MDC_whole_plates.jpgThe initial clients of this division were other divisions of Futaba Corporation. From its beginnings as an in-house supplier of fabricating machines, jigs, and tools, the machinery and tooling division has accumulated a vast array of sophisticated technologies.
The division now applies that wealth of experience to the standardization and supply of various press-die sets, bases for plastic injection molding, and related components for the manufacturing industry as a whole. In the process the machinery and tooling division contributes to industrial growth as it shares these technologies, developing new labor-saving machinery such as the innovative Die-matic system.

Component for Press Die Set / Equipment for automation

die_factory_01.jpgFutaba has created a wide variety of components and systems that reduce delivery time and the costs involved in fabricating press tools. Moreover, we have standardized various components, starting with those used in press and die sets.


dieset_i_02.jpgThe company has also contributed to improved productivity in the tooling industry by developing labor-saving machinery-including air feeders, automatic reels, and many others-along with the Die-matic system, offering dramatically enhanced production efficiency.

Component for Mold Bases / Precision plates

die_factory_02.jpgTo assist in the streamlining of fabrication for plastic molding tools, Futaba has developed a standardized system of mold bases for use in plastic injection molding. These mass-producible mold bases ensure consistency of quality, pricing, and off-the-shelf delivery, helping to streamline production and save labor throughout the industry.

mtd_i_02.jpgPrecision plating is widely used for mold-base materials and the structural material of various machinery and equipment.


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