Electronic component technology

Organic Light-Emitting Diode(OLED)


These attractive next-generation display devices feature beautiful high contrast, high definition screens. Because they meet the strict quality standards for on-board equipment, they are widely employed in applications such as vehicle instrument panels. For wearable devices, film type curved OLEDs are also available.



These display devices build on the vacuum technology we’ve inherited and continue to evolve further. These self-luminous displays provide wide viewing angles and distinct images even in dark areas. They are employed in a wide range of applications, but primarily in on-board equipment for their high reliability and long life.

Touch Sensors(TS)


These sensor devices employ Futaba’s original thin film technology to achieve high sensitivity and excellent environmental resistance. A thin lightweight substrate with a single glass or film structure and a dedicated controller gives users smartphone-like operation.

Evolving radio control technology

Radio Control Equipment for Industrial Use


Our lineup includes radio controllers for truck cranes, crop dusting helicopters, heavy construction equipment and drones, wireless modules that support a wide range of frequency bands and long-range wireless modems. These products respond to industry needs for high reliability and stability.

Parts for Robot


The Robi series, a popular communications robot known for its smooth movements, uses Futaba command servos. We boast a rich lineup of highly durable and environmentally resistant actuators that employ servo technology developed for robots and radio control equipment.

Composite module


These highly versatile display modules are made by combining a display device and control board. They support a wide range of interfaces.

Radio Control Equipment for Hobby Use

Radio Control Equipment for Hobby Use

Radio Contorol Hobby

Included in our lineup are high performance transceivers and servos with bidirectional communication functions. Their high level of performance has been proven in competitions and races around the globe.Futaba will continue to develop products that bring the joy of flying and driving radio-controlled vehicles to novices and experts alike.

Evolving manufacturing equipment

Machinery and Tools/Plate Products


Futaba’s lineup of components for plastic molds includes a wide range of products for various molding product sizes, shapes and resin types.Moreover, our press die components for metalworking have received high accolades both in Japan and overseas for their high precision and quality.

Equipment for Streamlining Molding Work


Mold Marshalling Systems (MMS) obtain data from a sensor built into the ejector pin within the mold. With this they can visualize the condition of the resin being shaped in real-time. This supports swift condition adjustments and accurate evaluation of the mold. Hot Runner Systems heat the resin channels in the mold. This eliminates the need for sprues and runners, drastically reducing material costs and molding cycle time.