Parts for Robot

Since 2004, Futaba developed the parts of the robot based on a hobby and an Industrial R/C technology.
The representative product is "Command-Type Servo".

It is used for not only a hobby and the education as humanoid-robot etc. but also a utility use and an industrial use as manipulators etc..

"Command-Type Servo"

Command-Type Servo is an actuator module with control unit to direct the angle of output axis.
It has a serial communication interface and several sensors in addition to a DC motor, gears, and servo control circuit. So it functions as both a actuator and a sensor.

Cut model of Command-Type Servo (RS405CB)

Features of "Command-Type Servo"

Bidirectional Communication

Command-Type Servo has Serial-Communication Interface and can communicate with a controller of the robot or a PC bidirecitonally. (mainly RS485 Communication is used).
So you can send commands to the servo and can receive data of servo's internal sensors such as angle, speed, temperature, load(current), voltage.


All the commands for Command-Type Servo are expressed by the data of the same format as below;

"Header" + "ID" + "Flag" + "Address" + "Count" + "Length" + "Data" + "Check Sum" 

One Command can include plural meanings such as "Target Angle" and "Time to move" for several servos.
So you can send several functions by only one command to several servos connected to the same line.

The servo maintain the condition of last command if there is no command, so command-type servo does not need continuous input like PWM-Pulse for R/C Servo.