What is Roboservo®?

Roboservo® is an all-in-one motor module that integrates a motor and the peripherals necessary to control it, such as reduction gears, motors, brakes, encoders, motor drivers, and sensors, into a single package. It significantly reduces man-hours required for parts selection, design, development, and assembly.

The development of "Roboservo®" was supervised by Chiba Institute of Technology's Future Robotics Research Center (fuRo).


Roboservo® Features

Easy Connection

Roboservo can be operated simply by connecting a power supply, controller, and communication lines.

Wide Variety of Sensors

Encoders are mounted on each motor and output axis to ensure high controllability.
Current, voltage, temperature, and IMU (3-axis acceleration + 3-axis angular velocity) sensors contribute to control not only the module itself but also the entire system.

Safety Features

To prevent damage due to overload, temperature, overvoltage, and overcurrent limit functions and a collision detection function are implemented using built-in sensors. A built-in de-energized brake enables the angular position to be maintained even when the power is de-energized.

Highly flexible wiring layout with daisy-chain connection and hollow shaft structure

Modules can be daisy-chained to each other to reduce wiring. Furthermore, the hollow structure of the output shaft allows wiring to pass through to mitigate wiring torsion, allowing greater flexibility in the layout of modules and wiring.

Open network support

The following certifications have been obtained.
・CiA DS-301
・CiA DSP-402

CiA and CANopen are registered trademarks of CAN in Automation GmbH in Germany and other countries.

Various Software

Software is available to support your Roboservo implementation.