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communication instructions

Software Manual - to be released in August

icon_pdf.gifobject dictionary list (ver.1)

Electronic Data Sheet

3D Data

icon_zip.gif ​​RBS4M070HT16N16C0000/step

icon_zip.gif ​​​​​​RBS4M070HT16N16C0000/parasolid

icon_zip.gif RBS4M080HT36N16C0000/step

icon_zip.gif RBS4M080HT36N16C0000/parasolid

2D Data

icon_zip.gif RBS4M070HT16N16C0000/pdf、dxf

icon_zip.gif RBS4M080HT36N16C0000/pdf、dxf

Sample Programs

This is a sample program to run Roboservo in Visual Studio.Please use it as a reference for checking Roboservo operation and control programs.
It supports speed, position, current control, and Node-ID setting.
PCAN-USB of PEAK System is used. Operation is not guaranteed in all environments and CAN communicators made by other companies.

Sample programs can be downloaded from GitHub.

ROS Package

This package is compatible with ROS1 and allows you to tie Roboservo to the ROS package ros_canopen.

GitHub link

Roboservo Tuner

A GUI application for changing and controlling Roboservo settings from a PC. The compatible CAN communication device is PEAK System's PCAN-USB only. You can download the driver from the link on the left. Operation is not guaranteed in other companies' CAN communication devices and in all environments.

Roboservo Tuner ver. 1.0.1 for Windows (65.0 MB)