USB-RS485 Converter "RSC-U485"



"RSC-U485" is a converter for USB and RS485.
By using RSC-U485, you can communicate with RS485-Command-Type Servo from USB Port of a PC.

RSC-U485 is a bus-powerd USB device but will not supply electoric power to the servos.
So a Power-Supply for each servos such as a battery or a switching power supply is needed.



To use RSC-U485 with Windows8 64bit,
Please perform the following operation before installing a driver.

The mentioned operation invalidates a driver signature and installs a driver of RSC-U485.
Please understand that there is not a signature for our RSC-U485 driver.

1. According to the procedure of the following site of Microsoft, display "Windows Startup Settings screen"
 and please choose "Disable driver signature enforcement".
*Click here to jump to the site of Microsoft.

Then the PC restarts.

2. Please install a driver of RSC-U485 according to its manual after restarting.

3. Please restart the PC after installing the driver.
The driver signature returns to be enable after restarting.