Electronic Components Division

Futaba's vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs) offer the greatest degree of performance and reliability available on the market today.

Futaba-with its advanced capabilities in technical design and product development-has the flexibility needed to meet today's critical applications.

ecd_01.jpgWe now come in contact with vacuum fluorescent displays every day of our lives.
They are present in the instrument panels of automobiles, car stereos, the control panels of video components, televisions, and microwave ovens, and the displays of point-of-sale terminals and public utilities meters, as well as other data-handling equipment.
In fact, advanced display technologies have for decades been the mainstay of Futaba Corporation and its commitment to product quality.

The world of electronics continues to evolve, creating a constant demand for new and sophisticated components. Futaba responds by developing outstanding display components, which play a major role in the man-to-machine interface. In the process we help build the world of tomorrow.

Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFDs)

ecd_05.jpgFutaba creates new devices to meet the needs for more beautiful and vivid multicolor displays. We achieve this by means of technical excellence and a long-standing tradition in product innovation. At Futaba, we answer the need for increasingly complex and diversified displays, creating new products for the market of the future.

VFD Modules

ecd_06.jpgVFD modules enjoy extensive use as display devices for POS systems and other office, instrumentation, and peripheral equipment. As information technology diversifies, new information-management techniques are being employed throughout every area of society. To meet these needs, Futaba offers products that excel in their brilliance, light weight, and thinness of profile. We also develop sophisticated display products, including a high-speed fluorescent print head that prints copies of superior brilliance and quality, and a high-resolution scrolling character display.