Radio Control System Division

The overwhelmingly popular Radio Control systems are the showpieces of Futaba's world-class technology.

esd_rc_01.jpgWe have succeeded in the development of a product lines that has carried the Futaba name to every corner of the globe: the Radio Control systems. We accomplished this with the application of technical excellence accrued over the many years of our establishment, and through the ceaseless exploration of this complex field. The hobby-oriented Radio Control systems are on every modeler's wish list, while industrial radio-control systems make accurate work possible under extremely adverse conditions. Futaba's advanced electronic systems contributes not only to industrial productivity but also to the lives of people everywhere.


Radio control equipment for Hobby use and Industrial use

esd_02.jpgRadio control is the hobby of dreams for millions of people throughout the world. Today Futaba boasts a position as the world's leader in production capability and sales, continuously expanding its line of products for the serious modeler. Now the control technique we have fostered has been applied to the development of industrial radio-control systems. Utilizing their technological advantages to the fullest extent, these are formidable tools designed for work in adverse conditions ranging from crane operation and transport tasks to agricultural chemical spraying and many others.