1. FCC Part 15.231 and Canada approved - no user license is required.
  2. Multiple systems can operate in the same area without interference.
  3. Operating range is greater than 100 meters.
  4. Small, lightweight and water resistant handheld transmitter.
  5. Auto power-off and auto stand-by features extend battery life.
  6. Battery life at continuous transmission is more than 25 hours.
  7. Internal transmitter antenna proofs from damage.
  8. Integrated main-line relay can be used for fail-safe installations or auxiliary function control.
  9. Receiver accepts wide input supply voltage range (9 to 31 VDC).
  10. 5A @ 31 VDC/120 VAC SPST output relays.
  11. Operating temperature range from–10 to +50 °C.

429MHz Radio Remote control unit, FRD-1201U