1. The operating range is approximately 50m indoors and 250m outdoors. (line of sight with no obstructions)
  2. The transmitter operates in the 2.4GHz frequency band, and uses the direct-sequence spread-spectrum technology. The spread-spectrum technology is suitable for withstanding noise interference or multi-path fading channels.
  3. The Time-divided half duplex packet communication enables full duplex two-way communication between two terminals.
  4. 76 individual channels.
  5. Support 1:1,1:N,N:M,and 2 Hop Repeater wireless network topology.
  6. Serial communication interface allows direct connection to micro controller chip . By converting its level by the interface circuit, conformable to EIA-232C, EIA-422 and EIA-485.
  7. Small size allows easy integration with many applications (50 x 30 x 6.2 mm).
  8. Supply voltage range is in 3.5 to 7VDC.

2.4GHz Wireless Module, FDL-01TU