Regulation FCC Part 15.247 approved (no user license required)
Modulation Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum(DSSS)
Frequency range 2403.328MHz~2480.128MHz
RF Channels 76channels
Modulation rate 134kbps
Transmission power 6mW/MHz
Communicable distance Outdoor:250m(Line of sight),Indoor:50m
Communication method Simplex operation
Communication mode 1:1、1:N
Error correction Automatic Repeat Request
Interface 8 I/O inputs, 8 I/O outputs
Power supply voltage 24VDC or AC adapter
Current consumption 1)no-voltage contact type
24VDC:100mA or less in the active mode
AC adapter:290mA or less in the active mode
2)voltage contact type
24VDC:50mA or less in the active mode
AC adapter:160mA or less in the active mode
Operating temperature -10~+50℃
Outer dimensions 120(W)×70(D)×30(H)mm
Weight Approx. 160g