Touch Sensor

Related Products

We handle not only touch sensors, but also related products.
We can combine with touch sensors upon request.

Glass Cover

In recent years, many electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablet devices, and car navigation systems, have been equipped with touch panels. Normally, a touch panel is composed of a glass or plastic cover and an electrostatic sensor laminated together.The cover glass must be as thin as possible and have high stress resistance.We can also print icons and other information on the glass cover and apply films.


  • Curved surface, irregular shape, large size
  • Surface treatment to prevent reflection, glare, and dirt
  • Compatible with optical films, touch sensors, etc.
  • Supports flexible decorative designs
  • Lamination process for curved surfaces and large sizes
  • CNC polishing of large and irregular shapes

Controller ICs for Touch Sensors

We handle not only touch sensor panels, but also control ICs developed in-house.

By supporting touch sensor, IC, and operation tuning, we aim to be a one-stop service that breaks away from the existing commercial flow of IC manufacturers.

In-house original IC

  • Drive voltage: Logic=2.7 to 3.6V, VH=6 to 18V
  • MCU: ARM®CoretexTM-M0
  • I/O: 60-Channel Touch Sensor IC
  • Package: TQFP100
  • Flash: 64Kbyte
  • SRAM: 8Kbyte
  • Interface: I2C
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C


  • In-house developed control IC
  • Free-form shapes are possible (based on original sensor patterns)
  • Glove compatible (assuming thickness of 1 to 3 mm, fabric, rubber, synthetic leather, and leather compatible, 5 touch points)
  • Water droplet compatible (touch operation is possible with or without water droplet, 1 touch point)
  • Support for narrow frame and irregular shape

Laminating Process

We also do the lamination process in-house.

We can handle surface treatment, lamination with film, and sizes ranging from 15 inches to large.


  • Optical film can be attached to film/glass sensors.
  • Size up to 1,500 x 500 x 100 mm (height)
  • Can be laminated to curved surfaces as well as flat surfaces