Touch Sensor

Examples of Use and Proposed Applications

Our touch sensors are widely used in automotive interior parts, home appliances, and industrial equipment.
Please feel free to contact us for any application.

Automotive Products

Our touch sensors are widely used in car navigation systems and other automotive applications.
In addition to the sensor panel, we can also attach a shatterproof plastic cover and mount ICs.
We will continue to work on new developments as automobiles evolve.

Consumer Products

Our touch sensors can also be used as control panels for home appliances.
Unlike mechanical switches, touch sensors are not unevenly shaped and can be easily cleaned.
We recommend capacitive touch switches as a replacement for on/off switches.

Industrial Products

Our touch sensors are also recommended for outdoor products where durability is required.
They are resistant to vibration and shock, and can be operated smoothly even in the rain.
The seamless design also prevents dust from entering.