Touch Sensor

High Value-added Touch Products

We are developing not only simple capacitive touch sensors, but also new ones for new needs and applications.

Film Touch Switch


  • Unlike capacitive touch panels, there are no functions such as zooming in, zooming out, or paging, only on/off operations. Since the configuration is not as complicated as a touch panel, capacitive switches can be easily used.
    We can also combine capacitive touchscreens with decorative panels, etc. upon request.


  • High design quality without unevenness
  • Intuitive operation (LED or LCD guidance is possible)
  • Easy to wipe clean (smooth surface, easy to wipe off)
  • No contact (long life because it is not a switch with physical contact)
  • There are no gaps, etc., so water droplets and dust do not enter the machine.

Variant Shape and Narrow-frame Touch Sensor


Fan Shape


  • Support for narrow-frame and various shapes
  • Sensor panel: Single layer construction. Bridgeless for improved appearance.
  • Since there is no bridge wiring structure in the conventional diamond pattern, it does not affect the display quality.
  • Provides one-stop service of touch panel/IC/tuning with self-developed control IC and firmware
  • Control method: Proprietary sensing method
  • The wiring can be concentrated on one side of the panel, allowing the other three sides of the panel to be designed with a narrow frame.

Various function touch sensor

Water Droplet Resistant Touch Sensor

  • Operable even with water droplets on it. It can be used even when it rains outdoors or there is condensation.
  • Provides one-stop service of touch panel/IC/tuning with self-developed control IC and firmware
Recommended Use

Water heaters, outdoor equipment, water supply systems, etc.

High Sensitivity Touch Sensor for Glove

  • Can be operated with gloves on. Applicable to various types of gloves, including rubber, cloth, and leather gloves.
  • Can be operated over thick covers. Glass and plastic covers can be used.
  • Provides one-stop service of touch panel/IC/tuning with self-developed control IC and firmware
Recommended Use

Outdoor equipment, industrial equipment, automotive products, etc.

Force Sensing Touch Sensor

  • Pressure can be detected at multiple points, and new operations such as two-step operation and multi-force gestures prevent accidental touch.
  • The integration of the touch sensor and force sensor simplifies the mechanism design and makes it easy to integrate.
Recommended Use

Automotive CIDs, industrial monitors, capacitive keyboards, etc.

3D Molded Touch Sensor


 Molding technology (integrated molding of housing and sensor)
 Capacitance measurement algorithms (pressure, multi-touch, glove touch, etc.)

Examples of Use

  • Consumer, Automotive, Industrial
  • Window and mirror control
  • Car seat adjustment
  • Steering wheel switch

Multi Design Plate

Available specifications

  • Decoration : Any color, icons
  • Number of Touch Points : Depends on IC
  • FPC shape : Any Shape
  • IC mounting position : COF, COG
  • Circuit boards can also be mounted.


  • Capacitive type : Since there is no contact point like a membrane, there is no concern about wear failure.
  • Seamless : No unevenness, flat and smart design.
  • Made of Glass : High grade, easy to wipe clean and scratch resistant
  • Custom : Display patterns, sensor patterns, and external shapes are free

Composite Products with Touch Sensor

  • We develop and produce capacitive touch panels and touch switches. Combination with other products is available upon request.
  • In addition to the selection and procurement of displays, we can also provide one-stop solutions that include cover design, shape design, circuit boards, and LEDs.