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We are an electronic components manufacturer that manufactures and sells capacitive touch sensor products.
We will continue to develop not only sensors but also a variety of other products to open up a new era.

What's Touch Sensor?

A touch sensor is a sensor that detects when a person touches or approaches.Touch sensors are placed on transparent glass or film substrates and can be turned on and off when touched by a person. Touch sensors are used to operate various switches, automatic doors, elevators, etc., as they operate with just a light touch.Touch sensors are also used in the screens of home appliances and coffee servers.For industrial use, touch sensors are also used as emergency stop buttons for various machines, sensors for crime prevention, and as seating sensors to check if a person is seated.Touch panels are used in cell phones, tablet PC devices, in-vehicle car navigation systems, game machines, and commercial monitors.

Operating Principle

 When a finger is brought close to the sensor (electrode), the capacitance between the finger and the electrode increases, and by detecting which line of the X (vertical) and Y (horizontal) electrodes has a larger capacitance, the coordinate position is detected.

 Detect center of gravity on the slider of the first axis (X axis)
 Detect the center of gravity on the slider of the second axis (Y axis)

  • The capacitive touch system enables detection of touch coordinates with a tap.
  • Multi-touch input is possible, and gesture input is also supported (screen zoom in/out, paging, and tap operation).
  • The sensor is constructed on a glass or film substrate and has a high transparency of approximately 90% (in the case of glass).
  • The structure of a single glass substrate or two film substrates allows for thinness and weight reduction.
  • The detection circuit is composed of a single-chip dedicated controller, and can be provided in the form of a COF mounted on the output tail.


We are developing capacitive touch sensors using glass and film as substrates.

In addition to the touch sensor itself, we also develop custom products by combining FPC, functional film, and cover to meet customers' requirements.

Our products are widely used not only in automotive applications but also in industrial equipment and home appliances.

Glass / Film Touch Sensor

As the sensor is based on a glass substrate, it is highly reliable and can withstand harsh environments. Since it is made of glass, it also has high transparency.

Even though it is a glass sensor, it can be bent in one axis, such as a gentle curve.

Soda-lime glass or tempered glass that is hard to break can be used.

Please feel free to inquire about specifications such as size and shape.

In general, touch sensors have transparent electrodes deposited on a glass substrate, but we also offer touch sensors using transparent film substrates.

there is no risk of breakage if dropped, and the transmittance is as high as that of glass sensors.

Since the film base material is soft, it can be used not only for flat surfaces but also for touch sensors with curved surface designs that are not suitable for glass sensors. The size and shape are also available upon request.

Characteristics of Each Structure

Type Cover
Glass or Plastic
Glass touch sensor
w/o Cover
Glass touch sensor
Integrated cover glass
Glass touch sensor
Glass or Plastic
Film touch sensor
Structure ts_feature_chart_gg_en.png ts_feature_chart_g2_en.png ts_feature_chart_ogs_en.png ts_feature_chart_gff_en.png
Surface Treatment Optical Processing Optical Processing Optical Processing Optical Processing
Material of Cover Glass Plastic - - Glass Resin
Shape of Cover Rectangle Variant - - Variant Curved
Decorative Layer Formed on the back of the cover None Formed on TP substrate Printing on molded products
Adhesion to the cover OCA None None OCA
Shape of Sensor Rectangle Rectangle Variant Rectangle Variant
Hole machining
Sensor Substrate Chemically Strengthened Glass Chemically Strengthened Glass Chemically Strengthened Glass Aluminosilicate Glass
Silicate Glass
Film (Low Retardation)

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