High-Pecision Plate outline


  • High-Precision Plate has realized excellent plate accuracy comparable to ground.  
  • Since the quality of squareness is excellent, the workability of your additional processing substantially improves.   
  • High Precision Plate can be manufactured based on your request size and dimensional allowance.
  • Material is selectable from among 24 steel types of carbon steel, prehardened steel and quenching and tempering steel.                                              
  • Chamfer all around can be selected from C0, C0.2, C0.5, C1 and C2.

Product size

Product name Product size(mm)
High precision Plate Normal size Large size
20×20×10 to 200×200×100 More than 200x200x100 to 400x500x200

- Dimensional allowance is specified in units of 0.01mm.

- It may be unable to manufacture your request plate depending on steel type or size. Please confirm to the nearest office and branch. 

Steel type

  Material name
Carbon steel SS400,S50C(up to 25mm thick), S55C(more than 25mm thick)
Prehardened steel  HPM7, PXA30, PX5, HPM-MAGIC®, HPM1, NAK55, NAK80, CENA1®DH2F, FDAC, HPM38 *1, STAVAX ESR® *1
Quenching and tempering steel SK3,SKS3, SKD11, SLD-MAGIC®, ARK1®, HPM31 *2, PD613, SKD61, HPM38 *1, STAVAX ESR® *1

*1:HPM38 and STAVAX ESR® are prehardened steels. We recommend you to use  them with the hardness of about  50-54 HRC after quenching and tempering treatment, when giving mirror finish or precision texture. Although the hardness of 50-54 HRC is obtained at any tempering temperature below 500℃, better corrosion resistance requires lower tempering temperature.
*2:HPM31 is manufactured with up to 50mm thick.
 ※Material written in red is manufactured up to 200x200x100.