All Futaba standard Die sets are

  • Produced from carefully selected materials.
  • Acclaimed internationally due to stable quality.
  • Rich in variety.
  • Low price and quick delivery.

Steel Die sets

  • We offer 3 variations of steel die sets according to mold design, "Standard NS-series", "ES series which thickness and material are selectable" and "US-series which plate parts are selectable."
  • "PS Series" which is produced based on your specification or "ZS series" which is produced based on user request etc., we offer Die sets according to various requests for die with services just like standard products.
  • Reference plane is processed with high precision.
  • The hole for suspension bolt is made in the die set whose weight is over 20kg.

Aluminum alloy Die sets

  •  Its specific gravity is about 1/3 compared to steel, and it can be easily handled.
  • The inertia of the ram of press machine is reduced, and bottom dead center accuracy is improved.
  • Machinability and corrosion resistance are more excellent than steel.
  • Reference plane and the hole for suspension bolt are processed just like steel Die sets.


Characteristics  Steel
Die sets
Aluminum alloy Die sets
Material (JIS) SS400 S55C  Equivalent to JIS A7075
Tensile strength (kgf/mm2) 46 76.4 58
0.2% proof stress (kgf/mm2) 28 (yield point) 37.3 51
Elongation (%) 36 17.1 13
Hardness (HB) 116~150 180~240 156
Longitudinal elastic
(kgf/mm2) 21,000 21,000 7,300
Linear expansion
(x10-6/℃) 12.2 11.6 23.6
Thermal conductivity (cal/cm・sec・℃) 0.14 0.11 0.31
Specific gravity 7.85 7.85 2.80