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HG-Plate outline

HG-Plate outline


  • This plate is performed original high precision grinding.
  • Since the quality of squareness is excellent, the workability of your additional processing substantially improves.
  • HG-plate can be manufactured based on your request size and dimensional allowance.
  • Material is selectable from among 24 steel types of carbon steel, prehardened steel and quenching and tempering steel.                                             
  • Chamfer all around can be selected from C0, C0.2, C0.5, C1 and C2. 

Product size

Product name Product size(mm)
HG-plate 20×20×10 to 200×200×100

- Dimensional allowance is specified in units of 0.01mm.
- It may be unable to manufacture your request plate depending on steel type or size.

Steel type

   Material name
Carbon steel SS400,S50C(up to 25mm thick),S55C(more than 25mm thick) 
Prehardened steel  HPM7,PXA30,PX5,HPM-MAGIC®,HPM1,NAK55,NAK80,CENA1®
Quenching and tempering steel  SK3,SKS3,SKD11,SLD-MAGIC®,ARK1®,HPM31*2,PD613

*1: HPM38 and STAVAX ESR ® are prehardened steels. We recommend you to use them with the hardness of about 50-54 HRC after quenching and tempering treatment, when giving mirror finish or precision texture.
Although the hardness of 50-54HRC is obtained at any tempering temperature below 500 ºC, better corrosion resistance requires lower tempering temperature.
*2: HPM31 is manufactured with up to 50mm thick.