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Futaba meets the wide-ranging needs of our increasingly global customers with offices and factories located around the world and with our broad spectrum of unique technologies.

Futaba Corporation was established in 1948, with “supplying basic equipment and materials to contribute to industry as a member of society” as the corporate philosophy.

At the center of Futaba Way is Futaba founders’philosophy of “Honshitsu-no-Chokushi” (to look into the nature of things in depth, and to investigate it thoroughly). For 70 years, we have continued to strive for greatness, continuing to expand our product line, and our business on a worldwide basis. Our current lineup includes: products relating to electronic devices such as Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFDs), Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) Displays, touch sensors, display module products, radio control equipments for industrial use and radio control equipments for hobby use, and products relating to machinery & tooling such as tool and die set equipments, plate products and molding rationalization equipments.

We will continue to focus on our role in society, continuing to strive for sustainable growth by adapting to change that takes place on a global scale early on. Futaba will continue to work on gaining trust and satisfying all stakeholders.

The first step is always the most important. With our founder’s philosophy "Honshitsu-no-Chokushi" at heart, we will create equipment and services that are indispensable to our customers to contribute to the advancement of our society.

We ask for your continued cooperation and support as we take Futaba into the next era.

President Hiroshi Sakurada