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President Hiroshi Sakurada

Futaba meets the wide-ranging needs of our increasingly global customers with offices and factories located around the world and with our broad spectrum of unique technologies.

Since the establishment of Futaba Corporation in 1948, our company has been diligently pursuing the demonstration of selfmotivation by our employees and the rationality of our manufacturing based on our corporate philosophy of “supplying basic equipment and materials to contribute to industry as a member of society”. We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to our many customers for their loyal patronage, to our business partners for their cooperation, and to other individuals for their extensive support.

It has been approximately 60 years since our company was founded.
In recent times, our society and economy have undergone changes and expanded in ways that could never have been imagined at the time of Futaba’s establishment. In response to such changes, we formulated a new corporate philosophy called “Futaba Way” in April 2011. Our goals were to make revisions to our philosophy so that it could be shared by all of our employees during the current global era and to formulate a vision aimed at our further development and that would serve as a code of conduct for our employees. At the center of Futaba Way is Futaba founders’ philosophy of “Honshitsu-no-Chokushi” (to look into the nature of things in depth, and to investigate it thoroughly).

Futaba’s lineup of products has expanded to include Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFDs), Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) displays, various other types of display devices, module products, capacitive touch panels, mold equipment and related products, and wireless products. We also possess a wide range of unique technologies including: fundamental technologies that support the above-mentioned products, vacuum and thin-film technologies,metal-processing technologies, wireless circuit technologies, and IT technologies. We are confident that by effectively utilizing this broad spectrum of technologies and our production and sales centers located around the world, we will be able to fully meet the extensive range of needs of our increasingly global customers. At Futaba Corporation we intend to work even harder to maintain a flexible yet strong corporate culture and hope to continue to enjoy your patronage into the future.