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History of Futaba Corporation : Futaba Corporation : Affiliated companies


1948 FUTABA CORPORATION established in Mobara-cho, Chosei-gun, to manufacture and sell radio receiver vacuum tubes.
Electron Tube Factory located in Yatsumi-mura, Chosei-gun, Chiba Prefecture.
Machinery Factory established for in-house manufacture of jigs and tools, and for research and improvement of machinery.
Tokyo Branch established in Kanda-Hanada-cho, Tokyo, and vacuum tube sales begun.
1949 Electron Tube Factory relocated to Mobara-cho, Chosei-gun (now Mobara Electron Factory).
1961 Mansei Sales Office established (sales of hamset radios, radio control equipment, and plastic modeles; incorporated as Futaba Industry Co., 1972) .
1962 Unique Precision Co., Ltd. acquired ; Machinery and Tooling Division established; and manufacture and sale of press die set components begun.
Manufacture and sale of radio-control transmitters and receivers begun.
1964 Headquarters moved to Takashi, Mobara, Chiba Prefecture.
1965 Electronic Systems Factory established (specializing in radio control equipment).
Manufacture and sale of equipment for automation begun.
1966 Manufacture of receiver vacuum tubes exceeds one million per month.
1967 Manufacture and sale of mold base components begun.
1968 Entered the display device industry with the manufacture and sale of gas-discharge display tubes.
1969 Foundry established for casting of press die set components.
Keyboard Factory established in Mobara, Chiba Prefecture, and manufacture and sale of key switches and related components begun.
Manufacture and sale of mold plate begun.
1970 Manufacture of vacuum tubes completely shut down.
Manufacture and sale of cylindrical multidigit VFDs begun.
Factory established in Mutsuzawa-mura, Chosei-gun, and press die set component operations relocated there.
Sale of mold bases assembly begun after standardization.
1972 Manufacture and sale of Pulscale digital read-out equipment begun. (transferred to SUMTAK Corp. in 2004)
Taiwan Futaba Electronics Corp. established (VFDs).
Akita Elecom Co., Ltd. established (VFDs). (dissolved in 1998)
Korea Futaba Precision Corp., Ltd. established (mold base components). (dissolved in 2008)
1973 Headquarters relocated to current location at 629 Oshiba, Mobara, Chiba Prefecture.
Korean Futaba Corp. (name changed to Se-jin Electron Inc. in 1974) established to strengthen production of VFDs and keyboard switches. (dissolved joint business in 2009)
FUTABA Industries U.S.A. (changed to Futaba Corp. of America in 1978) established as U.S. sales company.
Standardized die plate (for press die)
1975 Asahi Industry Co., Ltd., acquired; name changed to Chiba Eleco Co., Ltd. and manufacture of VFDs begun there. (dissolved in 2003)
FUTABA (Hong Kong) Corp., Ltd. established as Southeast Asian sales base.
1978 FUTABA Foundry Co., Ltd. established (foundry established in 1969 incorporated as separate corporation). (acquired by FUTABA Corp. in 2010)
1979 FUTABA (Europe) GmbH. (Germany) established as European sales base.
Yawatabara Eleco Co., Ltd. established (VFDs). (dissolved in 2003)
1980 Chonan Machinery and Tooling Factory established in Chonan-machi, Chosei-gun, Chiba Prefecture and mold base component operations are relocated there.
1983 Chosei Keyboard Factory (now Chosei VFD Module Factory) established in Chosei-mura, Chosei-gun, Chiba Prefecture completing first phase of Chosei Factory complex.
Taiwan FUTABA Precision Die and Mold Machinery Corp. established (press and mold base components). (dissolved in 2007)
1984 Electronic Systems Factory established as a part of the Chosei Project, completing second-phase construction, and radio control equipment operations relocated there.
Third phase of the Chosei Project completed, and digital read-out equipment operations relocated there.
1985 Company shares listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Akashi Machinery and Tooling Factory established in Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture.
Chosei Machinery and Tooling Factory established within Chosei Factory complex.
1986 Company shares listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Part of Electronic Systems Division transferred to Taiwan FUTABA Electronics Corp.
1987 Chosei Electron Tube Factory established within Chosei Factory complex.
President Goro Eto appointed chairman and Senior Managing Director Reiji Hosoya appointed president.
Integrated standardized plate products to Precision plates.
1988 Kishin Corp. (Republic of Korea) established (press and mold base components).
1990 Makuhari R&D Laboratory established in Makuhari Techno-Garden, Mihama-ku, Chiba.
Machinery and Tooling Technology Center established within Chosei Factory complex.
Chairman Goro Eto passes away.
FUTABA Business System Co., Ltd. established.
1991 Manufacture of keyboards and related components transferred to Sejin Electron Inc.
FUTABA DENSHI Corp. (S) Pte., Ltd. (Singapore) established (sale of electronic components).
1992 Machinery and Tooling Precision Plate Factory established within Chosei Factory complex.
Head sales office established in Makuhari Techno-Garden, Mihama-ku, Chiba.
1993 R&D Center (present Research & Development Center) relocated and combined within Chosei Factory complex.
O.S. Engines Mfg. Co., Ltd. acquired for diversification into hobby market.
1994 FUTABA Precision Mold (Shenzhen) Corp. (P.R.C.) established (mold base components).
VFD Module Group qualified for ISO 9001 certification.
1995 FUTABA Corp. of the Philippines established (VFDs).
Trans Tron Ltd.,Inc. (U.S.A.) established. (acquired by FUTABA Corp. of America in 2007)
Electron Tube Group qualified for ISO 9001 certification.
1996 President Reiji Hosoya appointed chairman; Senior Managing Director Atsushi Nishimuro appointed president; and Senior Managing Director Michihiko Eto appointed vice-chairman.
FUTABA JTW (Thailand) Ltd. established (press and mold base components).
1998 Ceremony held in commemoration of company's 50th anniversary.
FUTABA Technology Development Corp. (Taiwan) established.(Taiwan FUTABA Electronics Corporation acquired it in 2011.)
FUTABA Corporation qualified for ISO 14001 certification for multiple sites.
Die Making Parts and Plate Group qualified for ISO 9002 certification.
Manufacture and sale of the Mold Marshalling System begun.
2000 Digital Read-out Equipment Group qualified for ISO 9001 certification.
2001 The Mold Marshalling System was awarded the 43rd Great Ten New Products Prize of THE NIKKANKOGYO SHIMBUN,LTD.
The Executive Officers system established.
FUTABA International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (P.R.C.) established. (sales of electronic components)
FUTABA (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. (Vietnam) established. (mold base components)
2002 Radio Control Equipment Group qualified for ISO 9001 certification.
Chosei Machinery and Tooling Factory II and Mutsuzawa Factory qualified for ISO 9001 certification.
FUTABA Corporation of Huizhou established. (manufacture and sales of electronic components)
Environmental report released.
2003 Electron Tube Group acquired the certificate ISO/TS16949: 2002.
2004 Chonan Machinery and Tooling Factory II(exclusively for mold die parts and additional machining) was established at Chonan-machi, Chosei-gun, Chiba.
2005 FUTABA Precision Die and Mold Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. (P.R.C.) established (parts for press/mold dies)
2006 Matsudo Machinery and Tooling Factory established in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture (parts for press dies)

Acquired the Shinei Co., Ltd. and Shinei Mold Co., Ltd. to strengthen the foundation of press/mold die components. (Shinei Co., Ltd. acquired Shinei Mold Co., Ltd. in 2007)

Director Hiroshi Sakurada appointed President; director Nobumitsu Kanetsuna appointed Executive Vice President.
FUTABA Precision Co., Ltd. established in Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture (mold base components)
2007 Kisin Corp. has been listed on the Korea Exchange.
Kisin Precision Die and Mold Machinery (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (P.R.C) established. (press and mold base components)
2008 Company's 60-year History "Lighting the Way" established.

Acquired share of JAPAN D-M-E Corp. to strengthen the press/mold die components.(name changed to D-M-E FUTABA Corp. in 2008)

Acquired Satsuki Seisakusho Co., Ltd. and Satsuki Kizai Co., Ltd. to strengthen the press/mold die components.(Satsuki Seisakusho Co., Ltd. acquired Satsuki Kizai Co., Ltd. and name changed to Satsuki Kizai Co., Ltd. in 2009)


Futaba Electronics Components Korea Co., Ltd. established (sales of electronic components). 
Acquired share of TDK Micro Device Corp. to enter OLED business.


Chairman Reiji Hosoya appointed Supreme Advisor.


Supreme Advisor Reiji Hosoya passed away.


Acquired all shares of TDK Micro Device Corp. and changed the name to Futaba Mobile Display Corp. to accelerate OLED display business.
Manufacture and sale of OLED display began.
Manufacture and sale of Touch Panel began.


PT. FUTABADENSHI INDONESIA established (manufacture and sales of production equipment).


The Melt Front Speed Measurement System was awarded the 56th Great Ten New Products Prize of THE NIKKANKOGYO SHIMBUN,LTD.