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Air Feeder feeds material powered by compressed air. This apparatus is ideal for feeding strip-shaped or odd-shaped material to press machine, injection molding machine, automatic machine and dedicated machine, etc..
(Clamp can be ordered to fit the shape of material.)

Basic action

Return stroke starts when feed signal is entered.
① Fixed clamp holds material,                   
② Moving clamp releases material, and                 
③ Returns in order to take material for next feed.

Feed stroke starts when feed signal is turned off. 
④ Moving clamp holds material,                     
⑤ Fixed clamp releases material, and                 
⑥ Material is fed.


Gripper Feed
Material is not rolled like roll feed because material is alternately gripped and fed by two clamps. Therefore, this is suitable for soft and easy-scratch material. Additionally it can be used for feeding secondary processing products and odd-shaped parts by replacing clamps.
This device can be used without lubrication by improving the shape and material of packing.
●Quick adjustment
Feed length can be adjusted easily and securely by adjustment screw and one-touch removable spacers.
It becomes more compact due to no external piping by embedded air circuit and newly selected solenoid valve.
Air inlets are set at the right and left sides. Please mount hand valve at the side which is easy to operate.
In addition, the change of hand valve has improved operability.
●Feed direction
Feed direction can be selected based on fed material or space.
Feed direction can be also changed by replacing internal valve (order is separately required.)
●Shock absorption
By shock absorber, stable feed accuracy is achieved even at high revolution (equipped with AFE-80 and higher-grade models)

Application example

●When general plate material is fed,                  
■Easy-scratch material is gently fed with plate clamp. 

●When secondary processing material is fed, clamp part needs to be replaced according to the shape of secondary processing material.
■Please specify clamp shape and clearance groove size.
■Material change and surface treatment of clamp are also available. Please consult with us.