Computer Virus Infection Occurs in our Subsidiary in Thailand

February 4, 2022
Futaba Corporation

We regret to tell you that a computer of our subsidiary in Thailand, FUTABA JTW(Thailand)Ltd. (hereafter called FJT), was infected by computer virus, and some e-mail addresses saved on such computer were stolen.

The result of investigation we gathered before now is as follows. We have no information about secondary damage. We will keep on investigation to prevent further damage or diffusion, and to identify the cause.

For your security, if you receive any suspicious e-mail from anyone who impersonates Futaba’s employee, please be careful not to open any attached file or any link included in such e-mail.

1.Circumstances and Countermeasure

February 2
FJT received an e-mail spam from outside. Anti-virus software installed on the computer detected it but we found that some e-mail addresses saved on address book were stolen.
We disconnected such infected computer from the network. We ran a virus check on all of computers and found that no other computers were infected.

2.Stolen Information

Some address of e-mails exchanged with FJT’s employees were stolen.

3.Scope of Impact by Virus Infection

At the present, we have no information that the mail texts or attached files were leaked. We will keep on gathering the information of the scope of impact.

4.Recurrence Prevention Measure

We will issue reminders regarding countermeasures against suspicious e-mails and convey full security measures.

5. Contact Information

Futaba Corporation
Information Systems Department, Corporate Administration Division
Main Telephone Number: +81-475-24-1111