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Tension Reel is an apparatus to coil/uncoil hoop material
or slip sheet with giving tension to them.
It is highly effective to automate/save labor of plating and cleaning process or feeding/winding of slip sheet etc.

Basic action

 Example: When material is fed [slip sheet is winded.]

(1)Tension reel is in condition where rotating force is
always generated in the winding direction and stops due to high tension slip sheet( slip sheet is taking a constant tension.)
(2) Auto reel rotates and feeds material.
Slip sheet is also fed with material and slacks.
Tension reel rotates until taking in the slack of slip sheet,
and becomes in the condition (1) where tension reel cannot rotate due to high tension slip sheet.


Coiling/uncoiling is performed with giving hoop material
 or slip sheet tension.
●Optimal tension setting     
Winding tension can be steplessly set with volume knob,
 it is possible to wind by optimal tension.
In addition, low-torque type is available. It is possible to
 wind deformable material after processing
by low tension. 
●Long service life
Fewer mechanical wear parts lead long service life.