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Terms of use and Exemption

This web site ( is owned, operated and maintained by or for Futaba Corporation (herein after “Futaba”).
Please read the Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Futaba Website before using it. Only when you agree with the statement therein, you can use the Futaba website.Futaba may revise the terms and conditions for the use of the Futaba website without prior notice. In such a case, the revised terms and conditions for the use shall apply.  With the prior agreement relating to the above, you will be appreciated to confirm the latest content of the Futaba website.


  1. The information carried in the Futaba website is protected under the copyright law of each country, various treaties, and other laws and regulations. Except for personal use or to the extent expressly permitted by law, it is prohibited to use such information (including copying, modifying, up-loading, reproducing, distributing, licensing, marketing, and publishing) without obtaining written consent from Futaba.

  2. When you use the software provided in the Futaba website, please abide by the rules stipulated in the license agreement of the software presented by the owner thereof, the copyright law, other laws and agreements.

  3. “Futaba Corporation, “FUTABA” and Futaba’s product names used in the Futaba website are the trade mark or the registered trade mark of Futaba.  Other company names and product names are the trade names or trademarks registered by respective companies.

  4. When using the information of the Futaba website, it is prohibited to use, grant or violate the patent right, the trade mark right, the copyright and other intellectual right of Futaba or other third parties, even if it is expressly approved in the Terms and Condition for the Use.

  5. When you desire to reproduce or quote the information of the Futaba website, please contact the Futaba’s person in charge in advance.  Please understand that, in some case, such a desire may not be accepted depending on the purpose of the use.


  Please refrain from using the Futaba website for the following conducts.

  1. Any conduct that Violates or may violate the property and privacy of Futaba and/or other third parties.
  2. Any conduct that causes or may cause disadvantage or loss to the interest of Futaba or other third parties.
  3. Any Conduct against the public order and standards of decency.
  4. Any conduct that causes or may cause a crime.
  5. Making a false declaration or notification, e.g. making registration of another person’s e-mail address.
  6. Any conduct for a business or commercail purpose, of conduct prepare for achieving the purpose.
  7. Any conduct that impairs the honor or credit of Futaba or other third parties.
  8. Any conduct that use or provide or may use or provide a hazardous program, such as the computer virus.
  9. Any conduct that violates or may violate the laws and regulations or ordinances.
  10. Any other conduct that Futaba judges as inappropriate.


  1. The contents of the website of other third parties, which links to and from the Futaba website, hereinafter called “Link-sites”, shall be controlled by the company concerned, not by Futaba.  In case of using the link-sites, follow the terms and condition for the use of it.  In no case, Futaba assumes the responsibility for the content of the link-site and any loss caused thereby.
  2. In no case, linking to and from the Futaba website means that Futaba promotes the use of the Link-site or the products, services, companies listed therein, or has a special relationship between Futaba and the Link-site, such as a business tie-up.
  3. Regardless of a company or an individual, anyone who desires to link to the Futaba website is appreciated to have a contact with Futaba in advance.  Also, a link banner for the Futaba website is available. Please use it after confirming the terms and condition for the use of the Futaba website.

Exemption Clause

  1. In no case, Futaba guarantees the information in the Futaba website to be correct, effective, certain or safe.  Furthermore, Futaba assumes no responsibility for any loss resulted from the use of the Futaba website.
  2. Futaba may change or revise the information in the Futaba website without prior notice. Also, Futaba may discontinue or cancel the operation of the Futaba website without prior notice.  Regardless of the reason, Futaba assumes no responsibility for any loss caused by the change of information and the discontinuance or cancellation of the Futaba website.