Development of "Tab Lead" for Lithium-ion Capacitors and Lithium-ion Batteries

April 25,2022
Futaba Corporation

Futaba have developed a new "tab lead" for lithium-ion capacitors (LiC) and lithium-ion batteries (LiB).

Tab leads are terminals for taking out electricity from inside a laminated LiC/LiB. As countries accelerate their use of renewable energy and shift to EVs to achieve carbon neutrality, the demand for tab lead is growing rapidly in line with the expansion of the LiC and LiB market

Futaba have supplied many customers with touch sensors and OLED displays for automotive applications, as well as laminate film molding processes and mold equipment for LiC and LiB. By applying the technology developed there, we have realized the development of tab leads with long life and high reliability. Mass production will begin in April 2022.

To meet the demands of the LiC and LiB markets, Futaba will continue to develop and expand our standard lineup to help customers develop products and realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)*.

*SDG Number 7:Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all


① Long life and high reliability achieved by our original lead coating and sealing materials

  • Electrolyte resistance : Sealant adhesion strength after 672h ≧ 8N/cm
  • Sealing Performance : No lead burrs or seal air gaps
  • Sealant Insulation : 2 types of 3-layer seals (adhesion /heat-resistant/adhesion) for both insulation and adhesion

② Special Shapes

  • L-shape, hole, thick, L-bending etc.

③ Quality & Process Control

  • A two-dimensional code is printed on each tab lead, and traceability is controlled by quality analysis software.


  Materials Coating t(mm) W(mm) L(mm)
Positive AL
Non-Chromium 0.2~0.5 15~70 30~100
Negative Ni-Cu
C1020-1/2 H
Non-Chromium 0.2~0.5 15~70 30~100
Sealant Structure:PP/Heat Resistance PP/PP 0.15 5~20 Lead Edge

Reliability Test Data

Test Condition Judgment
Moisture 1000ppm
Adhesion Strength Sealant - Lead
High Temperature
90℃-2400h(100日) Adhesion Strength Sealant - Lead
Thermal Shock -40℃(15min)~70℃(15min)
Adhesion Strength Sealant - Lead


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