Tab Lead

Custom Development・ES

Custom Development・ES

We supply custom-developed tab leads that are best suitable for our customers' needs and applications.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems regarding tab leads or batteries.

Available Specifications

Basic Specifications

  Anode Cathode
Lead Material AL
Lead Width (W) 15~70mm
Lead Length (L) 30~100mm
Lead Thickness (t) 0.2 ~ 0.5 mm
Sealant Film
PP/Heat-Resistant PP/PP 
Three-Layered Structure
Sealant Width (W) 5~20mm
Sealant Length (L) Lead Edge + 2~5mm
Sealant Thickness (t) 0.15mm
Basic Specifications



Test conditions

Test Conditions Judgment
Characteristics Adhesion
Packaging - Sealant Peeling test : 180°, 5mm/min ≧50N/cm
Sealant - Lead Peeling test : 180°, 5mm/min ≧15N/cm
Heat Resistance Remaining seal thickness
after pressing (200℃-3sec-10N)
Heat-resistant layer thickness ≧ 80% of initial
Reliability Electrolyte Resistance Moisture 1000ppm, 85℃-672h Adhesion strength
between Sealant & Lead
High Temperature
90℃ - 2400h (100 days) Adhesion strength
between Sealant & Lead
Thermal Shock ‐40℃(15min)~70℃(15min)
Adhesion strength
between Sealant & Lead

We are pleased to consult with you regarding materials and shapes other than those listed above, as well as dimensions outside the range.
If you would like to request a quotation, request a sample, or have any questions about our tab leads, please contact us using the inquiry form.

ES & Lab Service


Using our own molds, we can produce prototypes and small quantities of packaging materials and tab leads for laminated battery and capacitor.
Samples can be analyzed by magnifying the surface and the cutting surface up to 1000 times to support optimization of mold and product design.
For more information about our laboratory services, please visit the following page.