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Auto reel is an apparatus which is highly effective to
automate and save labor of uncoiling/coiling of work in hoop molding or automatic machine processing, etc..

Basic action

Auto reel can be automatically operated to feed or wind the coil material used in press work  by detecting material loop (slack).


●Faster line speed is achieved by adopting
high-performance inverter. 
●Rotation by external force is prevented during the
stopped period by brake function mounted as standard.*1

Support automatic machine
●Due to extensive product variations and
component units, required function can be combined.
●The combination with stock reel or controller
(detection method, mounting position), etc.
can be freely set according to customer use conditions.
●The mounting position of controller
(self-standing type, body mounted type, and
top of detector mounted type) can be selected.
●Actions such as ready, stop, inching forward/reverse rotation can be operated from outside by remote function.
 In addition, remote switch type is available.

High performance
●Automatic transmission function allows to automatically set optimum rotational speed to match the line speed.
●Controller with built-in inverter delivers high performance and can control functions such as speed setting, uncoiling/coiling and inching. ....picture 3
● The detector which detects the slack of material can be chosen between contact type (for conductor) and   non-contact type (photoelectric sensor method.)
There are two specification types of
photoelectric sensor -standard and high-sensitivity.
This is available for specification of many materials.
*1 Since simple brake by DC braking method is used,
this may be rotated when external force is large.