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VFD module

Display module has wide viewing angle and clear display

Wide viewing angle and vivid display are given using our VFD.

Three major characteristics of visibility

Wide viewing angle Easy to see in the dark Fast response speed
Good visibility from the front and wide viewing angle.There is no change in contrast depending on the angle. No backlight is used or required. Only the characters light clearly. It has excellent visibility in the dark. Unlike LCD, VFD responds quickly and allows fast switching of the display contents. Stable operation results even in sub-zero temperatures.

High reliability, long life

VFD module has wide operating temperature and high reliability.


Control circuit and power supply are included for easy control.

Images can be displayed by writing data to display RAM in the module since it is equipped with a display controller.
So complicated display control from the host system is not needed.
Easy to drive due to built-in power supply circuit (DC / DC converter) .

Compatible with various interfaces

Supports not only serial and parallel interfaces but various other interfaces also.
RS-232C / 485, USB, character type LCD interface compatibility, etc..