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In-Cavity resin temperature measuring system

  • Infrared ray detection method using optical fiber
  • Fast response time: 8ms(63.2% response)
  • Allows measurement of the resin temperature from 60°C to 430°C
  • The ejector pin shape allows easy installation into the mold


Product name EPSSZL series
Pin diameter Φ3, Φ4 *Φ3 is used only when L=30mm
Pin material Length 30mm type SUS630(hardness: up to HRC38)
60 to 220mm SKD61 (hardness: over 900HV, nitrided after thermal refining)
Temperature detection method Infrared ray detection method(using optical fiber)
Measurement range Amplifier model EPT-001S 60~430°C
Allowable mold temperature 150°C max
Withstanding pressure 150MPa max

External dimension

External dimension