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Radio Control Equipment for Hobby use

"Radio Controller" gives you a dreamful hobby to control models of airplanes, helicopters, cars and others as you like.
Futaba is the first producer of a pulse code modulation(PCM)type radio control system which satisfies the requirements of exactness and safety, and keeps on offering highly competent radio control equipments.
PCM1024Z series were created based on a new concept "Ergo-tech" which means a user-friendly technology.
Futaba Radio Control Equipment grow its field with Ergo-tech.
14MZ  &  9CS
High-channel system for Airplane & Helicopter
7C  &  6EX
Middle-channel system for Airplane & Helicopter
3PKS  &  3PM
Wheel-type system for Car
3VCS  &  3GR
Stick-type system for Car & Boat
MC850C  &  MC601C
Speed Controller (ESC) for Car
Gyros for Helicopter
AVCS Gyros